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"The Tall Texan"

Free birdhouse plans - this plan is called the Tall Texan because of its height, and because its roof is painted similar to a Texas flag.  Of course, you don't have to paint the roof at all.  :-)

Bird Houses

It can be built from a single 6 foot 1" x 4" fence board.  My projects are all built from used fence boards.  If you do the same, the material is free.  The only cost was the galvanized air nails that I used to fasten the pieces together, and the wire I used to hang it.

 Bird House - The Tall Texan

Using the diagrams below as a guide, you can get an idea of how the pieces fit together.  The two side pieces are 8" in length.  The two end pieces are 10" in length.  The angle of the roof is 45 degrees.  To cut the end pieces, measure 8" from both sides and cut a 45 degree angle on each side to form the roof slope.  Attach the two end pieces to the two side pieces keeping the bottoms flush, as shown below.

Bird House - Exploded View
Birdhouse Exploded View 

Nail the bottom piece and roof pieces together and attach them as shown in the diagram below.

Bird House - Elevations
Side View and Front View

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