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Outdoor Furniture Plans

These outdoor furniture plans are easy to build and inexpensive patio furniture projects.  The tools required to build these projects are also y also don't require many tools to build them.  The coffee table and end table are perfect patio or deck ideas.  They go well with my store-bought sofa and chair.

Wood outdoor furniture is fun to build!  I get lots of complements on my furniture.  People see the quality of my work and ask me where I bought it.  I'm happy to tell them that I built it myself! 

Coffee Table Plans Patio End Table
Coffee table End table

When you build inexpensive patio furniture or other decorative items for your back yard or outdoor room, you get the satisfaction of having done it yourself.  You have complete control over the quality of the item. 

Picnic Table Plans

Picnic Table Plans Picnic Table Designs
All-in-one picnic Table Classic all-in-one picnic table

Outdoor Wood

If you haven't already decided which species of wood you are going to use for your outdoor wood project,read this.

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