myCarpentry - Woodworking Projects using Basic Carpentry

myCarpentry - Woodworking Projects using Basic Carpentry includes, the best stair calculator, deck and house framing, and easy woodworking projects.

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Home Bar Plans - Build your own home bar furniture

These home bar plans are designed to hold a small refrigerator on one side and shelves on the other.

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How-to Books

These how-to books, available through the amazon book store, provide a variety of information about every aspect of carpentry.

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Painted Birdhouses

Painted Birdhouses - How to Build and Paint a Birdhouse

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Build a Birdhouse - Easy to Build Bird House Plans

Build a birdhouse using these free bird house plans - Several great bird house plans that make use of old fence boards and other free materials.

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Stair Calculator - Calculate stair rise and run

Stair Calculator - This online calculator is best used for calculating rise and run of stairs, calculating stair stringers, and is an essential tool for building stairs.

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Arch Calculator

Arch Calculator - This calculator calculates the distance between the "focus" points and the center point of an ellipse.

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Split Rail Fence - Learn how to build a ranch style fence

Split Rail Fence - Learn how to build a split rail fence from pre-notched posts and rails.

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How to build

How to build tutorials - build your own deck; framing a house; trim carpentry techniques; baseboard installation and simple crown molding.

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Tape Measures

There are several types and sizes of tape measures used in construction, but the Stanley 25' is perhaps the most popular

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Homemade Bird Feeder

Here's a homemade bird feeder that is simple to make and is very functional. One thing I like about this particular one is that the bottom that holds the bird seed is made of screen.

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Squirrel Feeder Plans - How to make a Squirrel Feeder

Squirrel Feeder Plans provides the details and dimensions of an easy to build squirrel feeder and makes a great small woodworking project

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Square Root Calculator

The square root calculator calculates the square root of any number and provides results in decimal and fraction (1/16 accuracy) format.

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Span Tables - Calculate Joist, Rafter and Wood Beam Spans

Span Tables - Use these tables to determine rafter span, ceiling joist span, and floor joist span

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Solar Home Designs - Patio Covers

Solar home designs - Learn how a patio cover as a great outdoor room, and direct gain solar design, can also keep your home cool in the summer.

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Small Woodworking Projects

Small Woodworking Projects - These small projects are the types of projects that you could build in your back yard or on your home workbench.

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Shape of Texas

This shape of Texas template is one of the free scroll saw patterns on that you can use to create wall hangings and trivets, etc.

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Scroll Saw Patterns

You can use these free scroll saw patterns for unique gift ideas or homemade gift ideas. You can also create decorations for your home or business.

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Rustic Texas Flag

The rustic texas flag is one of several small woodworking projects. Also see making picture frames and other wood projects on this site.

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Rustic Bench Plans - Make Your Own Bench using Old Fence Boards

Rustic Bench Plans shows you how to build your own bench using old fence boards.

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Rustic Bar Plans - Outdoor Bar Furniture

These rustic bar plans are great easy to build outdoor bar furniture.

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Wood Waste Basket

Wood Waste Basket - This woodworking project is excellent for your patio, deck or outdoor kitchen. It is made of old weathered cedar fence boards, but you can use new material if you prefer.

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Quality Building

Learn quality building through proven building patterns. The quality without a name.bubble type level to iPhone applications.

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Picnic table plans

Picnic table plans - This picnic table is relative simple to build and is a nice one-piece design. These are free picnic table plans, so have fun!

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Picnic Table Designs

Picnic Table Designs - These free picnic table plans are great when you plan to build a picnic table. See the other picnic table plans available.

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