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Woodworking Projects Blog is a mini-journal of my experiences with past and current carpentry projects.

Woodworking Projects Blog

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Estimating Construction Costs

Estimating Construction Costs - Learn about important elements to consider when estimating a construction project

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Carpentry Tools - The essential list of tools for carpentry

Essential Carpentry Tools. This page describes the essential list of tools that you will need for your carpentry projects.

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Self Employed Carpenter

Self Employed Carpenter - Experiences while Building Apartments as a Self-Employed Carpenter.

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First Carpentry Job

First Carpentry Job - The story of my first carpentry job.

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myCarpentry - Woodworking Projects using Basic Carpentry

mycarpentry.com - Woodworking Projects using Basic Carpentry provides the best Stair Calculator, Roof Pitch Calculator, Rafter and Joist Span Tables, Small Woodworking Projects, Woodworking Plans, and more.

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Building Decks

Building Decks - My experiences building over 200 decks in one year!

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Outdoor Bar Furniture - Patio Bar Plans

This outdoor bar furniture is an easy to build Patio Bar Set. These bar plans are typical of many southwest outdoor bar designs.

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Installing Crown Molding

Installing Crown Molding - Learn how to Cut Crown Molding

Continue reading "Installing Crown Molding"

Install Ceramic Tile - Learn about Ceramic Tile Installation and Layout

Install Ceramic Tile - Learn how to install ceramic tile, understand the tools used in ceramic tile installation.

Continue reading "Install Ceramic Tile - Learn about Ceramic Tile Installation and Layout"

framing a wall

Framing a wall isn't too difficult, but there are some basic wall framing techniques that are good to know before framing walls or framing basement walls.

Continue reading "framing a wall"

Framing a Floor

Framing a Floor - Determine size and span of floor joists and learn about floor framing.

Continue reading "Framing a Floor"

Free Picnic Table Plans

Free Picnic Table Plans - These picnic table plans are completely free outdoor furniture plans and a great addition to your wood outdoor furniture.

Continue reading "Free Picnic Table Plans"

Home Bar Plans - Build your own home bar furniture

These home bar plans are designed to hold a small refrigerator on one side and shelves on the other.

Continue reading "Home Bar Plans - Build your own home bar furniture"

Outdoor Shower Stalls - Outdoor Bathroom Shower Designs

Outdoor Shower Stalls - How to design and build an outdoor shower enclosure from the shower floor to the roof.

Continue reading "Outdoor Shower Stalls - Outdoor Bathroom Shower Designs"

mycarpentry articles

mycarpentry articles - The carpentry experiences of Matt Bray

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Deck Framing

Deck Framing - how to frame a deck, attaching to foundations, calculating joist spans, spacing of joists, etc.

Continue reading "Deck Framing"

Build your own deck

How to build your own deck, get great deck ideas, wood deck plans and deck bench plans.

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Wooden Privacy Fence

How to Build a Wooden Privacy Fence - myCarpentry.com

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DIY Projects

DIY Projects - build your own deck; build a patio cover; framing a house; trim carpentry techniques; baseboard installation and install crown molding.

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Woodworking Projects

Woodworking Projects - Small projects you could build in your back yard or on your home workbench.

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Cedar Deck - Designing and Building a Deck using Western Red Cedar

Cedar Deck - step-by-step procedures I followed to build my own western red cedar deck

Continue reading "Cedar Deck - Designing and Building a Deck using Western Red Cedar"

Patio Cover Plans - Build Your Patio Cover or Deck Cover

Patio Cover Plans provides information on how to build a patio cover or deck cover.

Continue reading "Patio Cover Plans - Build Your Patio Cover or Deck Cover"

Stairs with landings - a guide to stair landings

Stairs with landings - this page will show you how to design and build stairs with landings

Continue reading "Stairs with landings - a guide to stair landings"

Build a Deck

Build a Deck - Design, Framing Options, Concrete Footings, Wood Decking, Deck Railing, Deck Stairs, and Deck Stair Railing

Continue reading "Build a Deck"

Building Stairs

Building Stairs - How to build stairs and calculate stair stringers. It will also show you how to build deck stairs.

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