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Build a birdhouse to provide habitat for cavity-nesting birds. Central Texas is home to several species of cavity nesters - wrens, chickadees, titmice, bluebirds, flycatchers, and swallows (to name a few). I have thirteen birdhouses currently hung in trees or mounted on poles on 5 acres of undeveloped land near Lake Buchanan in the hill country of Texas.

Birdhouse Plans

On the same property, we provide water, seed, and suet for migrating birds and for birds that have made central Texas their home.

To build a birdhouse, you don't need many tools, but there are a few that make building birdhouses simple and easy. Outside of the essential carpentry tools, the only tools I used to build these projects were - a miter saw, a finish nailer, and a power drill (to drill the hole so the birds could get in).

I hope you enjoy building these birdhouse plans and the other woodworking projects featured on As you create each project, you may discover your hidden carpentry talents and think of new ideas for your unique custom birdhouses.

Build a Birdhouse - Easy to Build Birdhouse Plans

Chickadee Birdhouse Plan - Our chickadee birdhouse plan is to be used by chickadees, but wrens, titmice, and house finches might find it suitable for nesting.

Titmouse Birdhouse Plan - Titmice should find this design perfect for their nest, but this same birdhouse might also be suitable for chickadees, wrens, house finches, or other small cavity-nesting birds.

Schoolhouse Birdhouse - Inspired by the old-time single-room country schools of the past, I designed this birdhouse. So far, wrens and chickadees have nested in the schoolhouse birdhouse. I hope they learned something useful while they were there.

Painted Birdhouses - You can decorate the same birdhouse plan in many ways to give it a unique look. If you paint your new nesting box, do not paint the inside of the birdhouse and only use eco-friendly paint for the exterior.

Barn Birdhouse Plans - A wren found this barn-style birdhouse a suitable location for nesting. To create this nesting box, I used a single 6-foot length of a 1x6 cedar fence board and a 6-inch x 12-inch license plate.

License Plate Birdhouse Plans - A 6x12 license plate makes a perfect roof for this size nesting box. It has a 4x4-inch base and a 1-1/8-inch entrance hole - perfect for chickadees.

Church Birdhouse Plans - This church birdhouse design was fun to build. It reminded me of the old small wooden churches you might see while driving through the country. It features an extra-deep entrance hole for added security from predators.

Bluebird Birdhouse Plans - This classic bluebird nest box design is attractive to bluebirds but is also suitable for wrens, titmice, chickadees, and other small cavity nesters. It has a front panel that opens upward for easy observation and maintenance.

Wren Birdhouse Plans - This wren birdhouse plan is the perfect nesting place for wrens or house finches. I painted a Texas flag on the roof to pair with my other Texas-style outdoor furnishings. It has a hinged roof for easy clean-out and monitoring of active nests.

Outhouse Birdhouse - This easy-to-build birdhouse has a front entry door on 1-inch hinges with a latch on the opposite side. It has a small sheet metal roof I made from a scrap piece. The design of the entry door provides easy access for observation and clean-out.

Wren Birdhouse Design - The Carolina Wren birdhouse can be built from relatively few materials and makes an excellent home for wrens and other small nesting birds.

Owl House Plans - This owl house plan is designed for a Screech Owl or a Boreal Owl. The base is 8x8 inches, and the inside height is 15 inches with a 3-inch entry hole. I used western red cedar for all the wooden parts.

The General Store - This birdhouse gets its name because it has the look of the storefront of an old country general store. I built this birdhouse from a 1x4-inch 6-foot cedar fence board. I cut the front, back, sides, base, and roof and assembled this birdhouse in less than five minutes, and since the fence board was recycled wood, the only cost was the fasteners and wire it took to hang it from the tree.

The Classic - This classic-style birdhouse has a 4x4-inch base and a 1-1/4-inch entry hole - perfect for titmice, wrens, and chickadees. It took less than five minutes to build, and since the fence board was repurposed wood, the only cost was the galvanized nails and wire for hanging the finished nest box from a tree.

The Tall Texan - this birdhouse, dubbed the Tall Texan, gets its name because the height is tall relative to the birdhouse's narrow width and depth and because I painted the roof with the colors of a Texas flag (red, white, and blue)

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