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Carpentry Calculators

These carpentry calculators are online tools that you can use to calculate stair risers and treads, stair angle, stair stringer length, rafter angles, rafter lengths, arches, ellipses, volume and more. 

These calculators were designed for carpenters, but anyone can use them.  Many of the results are not only in decimal format, but also in fraction format to be measuring tape friendly.

Common Carpentry Calculators

Math Calculators

These math calculators add additional functionality to the calculators above.  The area calculator converts acres to square miles, to square feet, to square yards, etc.  This is handy when you need to calculate large areas, like lots and acreage, etc.

The square root calculator calculates the square root of a given number and provides results in both decimal and fraction format.  The fraction format makes this a handy calculator for carpentry projects.

The fraction calculator simply converts a decimal value to a fraction to the lowest common denominator. 

If one of these calculators doesn't fit your particular need, visit carpentry math to learn about some of the formulas used in carpentry.  In particular, understanding how the Pythagorean Theorem is used in calculating stairs, determining rafter pitch, and squaring walls, can be most valuable.

If you need to determine the span of a wood structural member, visit Span Tables for information on the allowable lengths of joists and rafters. The three tables available are; ceiling joist span table, floor joist span table, and rafter span table.

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