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Free Plans for Building Wooden Outdoor Benches

These outdoor benches are just a sample of the many benches that I have built over the years. Many of these designs make use of old fence boards, but they can be built from new materials as well. Some of the most common materials are Western Red Cedar, Redwood, or Pressure Treated Pine.

This outdoor bench was built entirely from recycled cedar fence boards. For the complete plans and material list, click here.

These wooden bench plans are easy to build, and if you construct it from left-over deck, or other material, the cost is minimal. You can adjust the dimensions to suit your needs.

These easy bench plans can be built using two 10 foot 2x10s, and a small amount of hardware. I saw this bench in a state park and was intrigued by its simplicity.

This outdoor bench is made exclusively from old fence boards. You can change the dimensions of the basic design to make any size bench you want...

Outdoor Benches - Plans

Wooden benches are lots of fun to build, and when you're done with your bench building project, you have a place to rest. The bench that I built from the easy bench drawings was made of pressure treated pine, but can be built from any type of wood. It cost about $35 in materials (wood, carriage bolts, and deck screws) and took about an hour to build. Once the pressure treated material thoroughly dried (we gave it a month in the Texas sunshine), we painted it with a semi-gloss latex paint.

The rustic style wooden benches were constructed from old fence boards. The only cost was the galvanized finish nails, which didn't amount to much. This bench was a little more time consuming to build, compared to the other benches on mycarpentry.com, but still quite easy. It took about 1.5 hours to cut and assemble all of the parts.

The deck bench style wooden bench is great for making use of left-over material from a deck project. One of the advantages of building a deck bench out of left-over deck material, is that the bench will match the design of your deck.

I hope you enjoy building these easy benches. If you find something in the instructions that you have a question about, please to contact us.

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