Outdoor Bench

Building an Outdoor Bench using Old Fence Boards

These outdoor bench plans make use of some old fence boards that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. This bench was built exclusively from weathered 1x4 western red cedar, but you can also use new material if you prefer.

Rustic Bench Plans

Rustic Bench Plans

Materials List

Description Size Quantity
Base (front and back) 1x4x39 4
Base (sides) 1x4x18* 4
Base blocking 1x4x7.5 6
Base (seat joists) 1x4x16.5* 2
Legs (front) 1x4x16.5 2
Legs (back) 1x4x30 3
Leg side supports 1x2.5x16.5 4
Seat 1x4x42 5
Back 1x4x42 3
Seat back pitch boards See diagrams 3
Seat back (top) 1x3x42 1

* To provide about 1 1/2" of overhang on the front of the bench, I made the base 18" because the seat boards were slightly under 4" wide. I did not want to have to rip the seat boards to provide the 1 1/2" overhang.

Rustic Bench Plans

Outdoor Bench - Elevations

Building the Outdoor Bench

Assemble the four parts of the upper and lower base sections. Place one section on top of the other and secure them together using the 6 base blocking pieces placed on the inside front and back and corners of the two sections (see diagram below). Add the seat joists with even spaces between them on each side.

Rustic Bench Plans

Attach the side leg supports (4) flush to the top of the bench base, and flush to the front and back of both sides of the bench.

Attach the front legs (2) flush to the top of the bench base and flush to the outside edge of the side leg supports.

Attach the two outer back legs, flush to the bottom and to the outside of the back leg supports.

Rustic Bench Plans

Add the seat boards starting from the back of the bench and working towards the front. Center each board so that they overhang the same on each side.

Add an additional back leg centered between the two outside back legs. Add the tapered back pitch boards as shown in the picture below.

Rustic Bench Plans

Add the bottom back rest board holding it tight to the top of the seat. Add the upper back rest board flush with the top of the 3 back legs. Add the center backrest board so that it is centered between the top and bottom backrest boards.

Finally, add the 3-inch wide top backrest board and nail it to the upper backrest board and the top of the back legs. Make sure that it is flush on the front as shown in the picture below.

Rustic Bench Plans

If you have any questions about these outdoor bench plans, please contact us.

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