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Welcome to myCarpentry Site Search. From this page, you can search myCarpentry to find something new, or perhaps pages that you have visited before, like building stairs, creating archways, or carpentry calculators. provides many solutions for building a variety of projects from bird houses to backyard decks. We provide several carpentry calculators and tutorials that will assist you whether you are building a roof, framing a wall, framing a door, building stairs, estimating concrete or even building archways. A few of the more specific topics are listed below:

Carpentry Calculators - There are several carpentry calculators on that are available, such as, the stair calculator, cubic yard calculator, roof pitch calculator, and arch calculator. This section also provides information on the math used in carpentry - these formulas can be used over and over again, whether you are squaring a wall, or calculating rafter length.

Framing Carpentry - This section provides information on basic framing carpentry techniques like framing walls, ceilings, floors and roofs. It also provides tools and tables for determining sizes of floor joists, ceiling joists, and roof rafters, for a given span.

Small Woodworking Projects - This section provides lots of free plans for building wood outdoor furniture projects like picnic tables and patio furniture, and small woodworking projects, like bird houses, bat houses, bird feeders, outdoor games and more.

Carpentry Tools - This section describes some of the most common tools used in carpentry. It provides an "essential list of carpentry tools" that you would need if you were going to frame an entire house.

Build Your Own Deck - This is a seven part tutorial that will walk you through each phase of deck building. Starting with basic deck design, framing procedures, footings, how to lay decking, how to layout and construct railing, how to build stairs for your deck, and finally, how to add railing to your stairs.

I hope that you benefit from the information provided on's site-search page. If you have any suggestions or comments on any of the free plans and other information provided on this site, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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