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Bluebird Birdhouse Plans

Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird

These bluebird birdhouse plans are designed for bluebirds, but other small birds, like titmice, wrens, and chickadees, might find this bird house a suitable place to build a nest.  This bluebird bird house is constructed of all natural western red cedar.

Bluebird Bird House Plans 

This bird house plan can be built from a single 6' piece of 1"x6" cedar fence board.  The only hardware required to assemble the body of the bird house is about thirty or so, 16 gauge galvanized finish nails and three 1-1/2" galvanized wood screws (two for the door hinge, and the third for the door's locking screw).

Bluebird Birdhouse Plans

Bluebird House Plans

Cut the sides, base, back, and roof of the bluebird bird house, to the sizes indicated in the drawings, and assemble them together, as shown in the diagrams, using 16 gauge galvanized finish nails. 

Bluebird Birdhouse Plans

Cut the 10" x 4" front door section and drill a 1-1/2" entry hole, centered 7" above the bottom of the door.  Drill a 1/8" hole, in each side panel, 9 1/2" from the bottom and 3/8" from the front.  These will be used for the 1 1/2" galvanized screws that will function as hinges for the front door.


Birdhouse Plans

Align the front door, as shown in the top diagram, and screw the two 1-1/2" galvanized hinge screws, through both side panels, into the door.  The hinge screws should be snug, but not tight, since the door is designed to be opened for easy cleanout.  Secure the front door to the base of the bird house using the third 1-1/2" galvanized locking screw.

Bluebird Bird House Plans
Bluebird Bird House
Blue Bird House Plans
Bird House Mounted to a T-Post

The recommended mounting height for a bluebird bird house is 5' to 6' off of the ground.  The pictures show this bird house attached to a T-Post using 1" Pipe U-Bolts, but there are many ways it can be mounted.

We stumbled across the little metal bluebird at Hobby Lobby.  We thought it would make an ideal  perch for a bluebird Birdhouse.

Blue Bird House Plans
Door Latch
Bluebird Bird House Plans
Door Hinge

I hope you found these bluebird birdhouse plans easy to follow.  It is one of my favorite classic designs and has a large access door in the front for easy cleaning when nesting season is over.

Note: The Eastern Bluebird picture at the top of this page was taken during an RV Trip to McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, Texas.

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