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The tool belt - also referred to as a tool bag, nail bag, or tool pouch, comes in many styles. There is the style with the nail bags sewn into the belt, the kind with suspenders, and the kind you can design yourself - basically, you buy a belt and customize it with the bags you need (my preference).

My Tool Pouch
Tool Belt

The belt I use is an adjustable nylon quick-release type. I like it because you can adjust it once when you first put it on, and then all you have to do is snap it together when you are ready to work. I bought the work belt/single nail bag combination because it suits my needs. There are many styles and configurations to choose from, depending on the nature of your work.

My belt is similar to the one shown below. There are different types, like leather, for instance, if you don't like nylon.

Once you have your belt, you can select a bag or combination of bags to add to it. I used to have two bags on my tool belt, similar to the one (shown below) when I worked on a project that required carrying lots of different-sized nails.

Later, I removed the nail bag because I didn't need it. I can always add it back on at any time.

The sewn-in design includes several different-sized pouches to hold your tape measure, hammer, speed square, and pencil, with pockets left over to hold various nails, etc. That was the design of my first nail bag.

The suspender type of belt is one that I have never owned, but I know many carpenters wouldn't own any other nail bag. The suspender-type nail bag takes the weight off your hips by distributing it to your shoulders. If you regularly carry a heavy load of hand tools or nails, this is the tool belt you should consider.

Below is the Carpenter's Tool Bucket. These bucket inserts are perfect for jobs that require more tools than will fit in your personalized nail bag. The custom-loaded bucket of tools placed in a central location can be handy for workers who share the same uncommonly used tools.

Other things to consider when choosing a tool belt

If you are a roofer, you might prefer a tool bag with a large pocket for holding many roofing nails. You may also want to slide on a separate hammer holder or a holder for your tape measure or perhaps another similar nail bag so you can have one on each side. The belt-with-separate pouches might be a good choice.

If you will be wearing your tool bag all day or carrying a heavy load of tools/fasteners, the suspender styles that distribute the weight from your hips to your shoulders would probably be a good choice.

If you aren't sure what tool belt will work best for your needs, starting with a sewn-in type would be a good choice. They tend to be less expensive and contain all the pouches you need to store tools and nails for most carpentry purposes.

If you have some thoughts on nail bags that you would like to share, please feel free to contact us.

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