Coffee Table Plans

These coffee table plans provide the instructions for building a simple outdoor coffee table for your patio or deck. This wood coffee table complements the patio end table project in the outdoor furniture plans section on

Cedar Coffee Table
Cedar Coffee Table

I used western red cedar to construct my table, but you can use any lumber that you desire. I recommend a material that is suited for exterior use (like cedar, redwood, or pressure treated pine). Here is a list of the parts and sizes that you will need:

Usage Material Length Quantity
Frame Length 2x4 36" 2
Frame Width 2x4 20" 2
Legs 2x4 14.5" 4
Center brace* 2x4 30" (+/-) 1
Lower brace* 2x4 14" (+/-) 2
Top 2x4 42" 6
Fasteners Deck Screws 3" 80 (+/-)

*Lumber varies in thickness. For this reason, these sizes are estimated. Wait until you have the frame and legs installed so that you can measure the exact size of these pieces.

Coffee Table Plans

Coffee Table - Upside Down
Coffee Table - (detached top)

First, cut the four framing pieces (b) to the lengths indicated in the specifications and drawings. The lengths assume that you are planning to miter the framing joints, that is, cut them at 45 degree angles. The measurements are from long-point to long-point.

Cut the four legs and position them inside the frame as shown in the diagram(s). Use a square to align them perpendicular to the frame, then secure the legs to the frame with 3" galvanized deck screws.

Coffee Table - Upside Down
Completed Frame - (upside-down)

Before cutting the lower brace pieces (c), measure the actual distance between the legs where they attach to the frame. Cut the lower braces (c) this length. Attach them where indicated in the diagrams and secure them with 3" galvanized deck screws.

Before cutting the center brace (e), make sure that the legs are square and the lower braces (c) are attached. Measure the distance between the two lower braces (c). Cut the center brace (e) this length. Attach it with 3" galvanized deck screws. The frame should now be complete.

Coffee Table - Side View
Side View

Cut the six table top boards 42" long and lay them out on top of the finished frame so that you can see how they are going to fit (given that their widths may vary somewhat). Let the outside 2x4s overhang the front and back by 1 inch and 3 inches at each end. Center them on the assembled frame (b). Leave a space between the planks approximately 1/8". When you are satisfied with the coffee table top layout, secure them with 3" galvanized deck screws. Use the diagrams above and below for reference.

Coffee Table - End View
End View

If you are planning to use a material other than pressure treated pine, I recommend that you protect it with a suitable sealer made for the species of wood that you are using.

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