Rustic Coffee Table

This rustic coffee table is a simple small woodworking project that is easy to build and doesn't require many materials.  This coffee table design can be virtually cost free (with the exception of a handful of screws or nails), if you use old weathered 1x4 fencing.

Rustic Coffee Table

These plans assume that you are using 1x4 cedar fence boards where the actual thickness of the material is something close to 3/4 inches, and the width is close to 4 inches, but it doesn't have to be match exactly.  If necessary, you can alter the plan to accommodate the materials of your choice.

Materials List

Description Size Quantity
Framing (Sides) 1x4x44 2
Framing (Ends and Middle Supports) 1x4x18 1/2 4
Legs 1x4x16 8
Table Top 1x4x48 6
Wood Screws 2" 100 (Approx.)

Building the Rustic Coffee Table

First, cut the two 44-inch sides of the 1x4 frame.  Next, cut the two 18 1/2-inch ends and the two 18 1/2-inch middle supports.  Assemble the sides, ends, and middle supports using two screws at each connection point. (see diagrams)

Rustic Coffee Table

Cut the eight 1x4 leg pieces @ 16 inches each.  Cut a 45 degree bevel on one edge of each of the eight leg pieces, while trying to preserve as much of the of the width of the board as possible.

The eight 16 inch leg parts will not be entirely identical, since the two-part leg assemblies have a sort of left-hand and right-hand element.  Four of them will be left-hand and the other four will be right-hand.

Once you have cut and matched up the four 2-piece leg assemblies, measure 2 inches from the bevel cut and make a mark on the bottom edge of the leg part.  Measure up 11 inches from the bottom of the 1x4 leg and make another mark on the edge.  Using a straight-edge, connect these two points and make the saw cut (see diagrams for details).

Rustic Coffee Table

Assemble each of the two-piece leg assemblies using two or three 2-inch wood screws.  Attach the assembled legs to the frame using four 2-inch wood screws on each leg.

Rustic Coffee Table

Cut the six 44-inch table top boards and place them all on top of the completed frame.  Center them on both ends and on each side, then attach them to the rustic coffee table frame using two 2-inch wood screws on each part of the frame.

Rustic Coffee Table


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