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The acre calculator is useful for converting any combination of acres, into square miles, into square footage, into square yardage, and even into hectares and square meters of a given area.

To use this acre calculator, change the value of any one of the top four input fields. The remaining fields will be recalculated at each key-stroke.

Acre Calculator

Square Feet
Square Yards
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Square Meters

This acre calculator assumes that you have already calculated the actual area of a given space, whether it be acres, square feet or square yards, etc.

For instance, if you are trying to figure out how many square feet are in 2 acres, you can change the default value from 1 acre to 2 and the results for each field will be recalculated automatically. In this case, the result for Square Feet would be 87120.

If you know how many square feet are in a given area, you can enter that value in the Square Feet field and see how that value converts to square yards, acres, and square miles, etc.

For more information on calculating area and volume, visit the carpentry math page.

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