Deck Bench Plans

These deck bench plans are easy to follow and can be adjusted to fit your size needs.  The length of this bench is 3 feet, but can be extended up to 6 feet without changing the basic design.

Deck Bench Plans
Assembled Deck Bench

The width of this bench is 20 1/2 inches wide so that three 2x6s will fit inside the bench framing with a little spacing between boards.  This assumes that you are using milled lumber where a 2x6 is actually 1 5/8 inches by 5 5/8 inches.

Here's the math; if the width of the framing is 1 5/8 inches and the outside dimension is 20 1/2 inches, then the inside dimension will be 3 1/4 inches less, or 17 1/4 inches.

Three 2x6s (with an actual width of 5 5/8  inches) added together is 16 7/8.  17 1/4 inches minus 16 7/8 inches is 3/8 of an inch.  This is the room you will have for spacing between the 2x6s.

Deck Bench Plans - Assembly

Cut the 4 legs of the deck bench @ 16 inches long.  Notch the ugly end of each leg as shown below.  If you are using a circular saw, you can set the depth of the blade to 1 5/8 inches and cut straight through on two sides of the leg.

When making the other two cuts, you will need to chisel the last part of the cut, since the circular blade won't cut all the way through.

Deck Bench Details

Cut the four pieces of the frame, beveling each end cut.  Assemble the 4 pieces together using 2.5 inch galvanized deck screws.  Once assembled, attach the four legs using four deck screws.  (see below)

Deck Bench Plan

Once the four legs have been attached, flip the deck bench over upright and attach the three 2x4 framing members using the 2.5 inch galvanized deck screws.

Deck Bench Plans

Cut the three 2x6 boards for the bench seat.  It is best to measure the actual opening to get the length of these boards.  It should be approximately 32 3/4 inches.

Place the three boards inside the bench framing and space them evenly apart.  Once the spacing has been determined, secure each bench seat board to the 2x4 framing with the 2.5 inch galvanized deck screws.

Material List

Choosing Lumber

I have built this bench using Western Red Cedar and Redwood.  I generally use pressure treated lumber for the parts that you can't see (like the 2x4s in this deck bench plans). 

The best way to preserve your new bench is to seal it with a stain/sealer of your choice.  I have used different brands and don't really have a preference.

If you have any questions for comments about these deck bench plans, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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