Fall Craft Projects - Wooden Chair

The fall craft projects on mycarpentry.com, are mostly made of used weathered fence boards. This wooden chair is no exception. Like many other projects on mycarpentry.com, it is very easy to make.

Wooden Chair
Rustic Wooden Chair

You can decorate the wooden chair for fall, as shown in the picture above. Or in the off season, you can also use it as a decorative patio chair or plant stand.

Fall Craft Projects - Building the Wooden Chair

Wooden Chair
Wooden Chair - assembled

This chair was assembled using a combination of 1.25" and 2" staples, but you can use finish nails or screws as you see fit.

Note that this chair is not designed to be used for sitting. It is strictly for decorative purposes.

The back is made of three, 1 inch by 4 inch (1x4), fence boards. The two outer boards are 28 inches long. The center one is 20 inches long.

The three boards are held together by a 1x2 11.5 inches long on the back (placed 20" above the bottom), and a 1x4 9.5 inches long, on the front (placed 10" above the bottom and centered between the three boards).

The middle back board is positioned 2" above the two side boards, making the total chair height 30" high. See the diagram below.

Wooden Chair Detail
Wooden Chair - (exploded view)

Use the diagram above as a reference to cut and assemble the remaining chair pieces. Have fun building this decorative chair.

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