Homemade Bird Feeder

Here's a homemade bird feeder that is simple to make and is very functional. One thing I like about this particular one is that the bottom that holds the bird seed is made of aluminum screen. This way, if the seed gets wet, it can quickly dry out.

Birdhouses Collage

Of all of the bird feeders to make, this one was made entirely from old cedar fence boards. I highly recommend using similar used wood when you make your own bird feeder. With the exception of a small piece of aluminum screen and few galvanized staples, the materials were essentially free.

Birdhouse Style Bird Feeder

I used a miter saw to cut the pieces and a 16 gauge finish nailer to assemble the parts. I could have also used a circular saw or table saw to cut the pieces.

Since I didn't have any scrap aluminum screen laying around, I purchased a small roll from Home Depot for about 6 dollars. I figure that I will be making several more bird feeders in the future.

Building the Homemade Bird Feeder

From a couple of 1x4 fence boards, cut the parts to the sizes and dimensions indicated below. Assemble the base with the aluminum screen sandwiched between - note that the bottom four base pieces are cut from 3/4" x 3/4" material. You'll have to rip these from your 1x4 fence boards.

birdhouse bird feeder
Bird feeder (exploded view)

Cut and assemble the top part of the base. These pieces are 3/4" x 1 1/2" material.

Cut and place the screen (slightly smaller than the outside base dimensions) on top of the 1 1/2" base section, and place the 3/4" x 3/4" base section on top. Secure with 1 1/2" finish nails.

Flip the assembled base over where the 1 1/2" base section is on top. Attach to front and back to the inside of the assembled base as shown. Finally, attach the roof pieces and drill the decorative 1 1/2" hole on one (or both) end pieces.

These holes are decorative, but I saw a bird use the hole as a shortcut to get to the seed in the tray. :-)

bird feeder
Bird feeder - (front and side views)

Screw eye-bolts to each end of the roof section and thread some wire or light-weight cable to hang the homemade bird feeder from a tree or pole.

What next?

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