Homemade Christmas Crafts

Homemade Christmas crafts, like the HO-HO-HO decoration, are fun and easy to make.  The materials are free if you use old fence boards, like many of the projects on mycarpentry.com. 

christmas crafts
The HO-HO-HO table top decoration

Homemade Christmas Crafts

The letters in the table top display (above) were cut from 4" fence boards, painted red/white, and were attached together using 1" decorative hinges.  The widths of 4" fence boards vary slightly, but as a general rule, you can use the dimensions shown in the diagram below.

The lengths of the letters can be cut by a mitre saw or circular saw.  The letter shapes can be cut using a jigsaw.  Cutting the letter H is obvious enough, but to cut the inside of the letter O, first drill a hole in the middle of the letter large enough for the jigsaw blade to fit in.

christmas crafts
Letter dimensions 

You can also paint the letters red/green.  You can attach them together vertically and hang them on a wall, or from a ceiling or tree.  The letters are attached together by wire threaded through 1/8" holes drilled 1/2" in from opposing corners.

christmas crafts
The HO-HO-HO wall hanging

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