Shape of Texas

The shape of Texas is This free scroll saw pattern of Texas can be used to make a wall hanging for your home or a trivet for your kitchen countertop. Just let your imagination go!

Shape of Texas
Things you can make using the State of Texas shape

This scroll saw project can be cut with a scroll saw, but can also easily be cut with a jig saw. The process is simple.

Once you have cut out the Texas shape from your wood of choice, you can paint it or leave it natural if you like. If you are planning to use your Texas decoration as a wall hanging, add a screw-eye to the top right corner and to the top middle of the panhandle as shown in the pictures on this page.

Shape of Texas Hanger Detail
Screw-eye installed with wire attached

I used a drill bit that was smaller than the threads of the screw-eye so that when I screwed it in, I didn't split the thin wood. Once the screw-eyes were in place, I wrapped some thin flexible wire between the two so that it could be hung on the wall.

Texas Wall Hanging
Texas Wall Hanging

Shape of Texas

While you are making your Texas decoration, you might find some of these symbols of Texas interesting:

State Flower  Bluebonnet
State Tree  Pecan
State Bird Mockingbird
State Mammal (small)  Armadillo
State Mammal (large)  Texas Longhorn
State Mammal (flying)  Mexican Free-tailed Bat 
State Dog  Blue Lacy
State Dish  Chili con carne
State Fiber and Fabric  Cotton
State Fish  Guadalupe Bass
State Fruit  Ruby Red Grapefruit
State Insect  Monarch butterfly
State Musical Instrument  Guitar
State Peppers  Chiltipin (native) and Jalapeño
State Plant   Prickly Pear Cactus
State Reptile  Texas Horned Lizard
State Shrub  Crape Myrtle
State Shrub (native) Texas Sage
State Vegetable  Sweet Onion

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