Wooden Bird Feeder Plans

Wooden bird feeder plans - these easy to make free bird feeder plans, make building your own  bird feeder a simple project. This particular homemade bird feeder is made entirely of old fence boards, so it doesn't cost anything to make except a few nails and a small piece of aluminum screen.

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Using old fence boards to make projects like this one keeps the landfills free of perfectly good wood.

wooden bird feeder
Wooden Bird Feeder

I used a table saw to rip the base parts and a miter saw to cut the pieces to length, but you can use a circular saw to do both if you don't have access to the other tools.

I didn't have any scrap aluminum screen, so I purchased a small roll at the local lumber yard for just a few dollars. It is enough to make several bird feeders.

Wooden Bird Feeder Plans

Wooden Bird Feeder

First, assemble the two parts of the base that hold the screen in place. The diagram above shows how you can do this in two ways - the bottom section shows the cuts mitered, and the top section shows the cuts butt jointed.

Cut the aluminum screen a little smaller than the outside dimensions of the base. This way it doesn't stick out once you assemble the base pieces.

Wooden Bird Feeder

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