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This how to build section is a collection of do-it-yourself tutorials that provide the basic carpentry information for building your own deck; building stairs; framing a house; installing baseboard trim; installing crown molding; engineered hardwood flooring installation, and more...

Build it yourself...

As you build more projects, you will get valuable hands-on carpentry experience.  As you get more experience, you will discover techniques of your own and gain the confidence needed to design and build your own woodworking projects.

How To Build... Do It Yourself

Build a Split Rail Fence
Building a split rail fence is one of the easiest fences I have ever built. If you dig your post holes exactly 10 feet apart, you won't have to cut a single rail or post...

How to Build a Deck
This 7-part tutorial uses a 10x10 deck example to provide a detailed explanation of all of the phases of deck building (design, framing, footings, decking, stairs, railing, and stair railing). ...

Framing Carpentry
This tutorial covers some common elements of framing carpentry, like building a roof, building walls, framing windows and doors, calculating the sizes and lengths of floor joists, ceiling joists, and common rafters.

Install Crown Molding
Learn how to install crown molding using some easy to learn tips, like how to cut crown molding, and how to use a coping saw to cope inside joints.

Install Ceramic Tile
Learn tips on mixing thin-set and general ceramic tile laying techniques.  Learn how to estimate tile so that you will have enough, but not too much left over.  Learn how to lay out tile properly so that you have even run out on all sides of your room(s).  Learn how to cut tile with a wet saw.

Build an Archway
This tutorial discusses two methods of creating an arch shape; using a formula to calculate the "focus" points, and perhaps the easier method, cutting a thin strip of wood to bend into the shape of the desired arch.

"Most people believe themselves incompetent to design anything and believe that it can only be done properly by architects and planners."  ~ from The Timeless Way of Building, by Christopher Alexander.  (An excellent book!)

You can design your carpentry projects yourself by observing life around you and by studying the patterns of building that work.  The Timeless Way of Building and A Pattern Language are both excellent books to read if you want to learn more about building and designing the timeless way.

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